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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Thoughts on Thief

I joined a film meetup group that are into genre films, cult films, and offbeat stuff, and in May, we saw the 1981 film Thief at the Moving Image museum, a noir thriller directed by Michael Mann and starring James Caan as a jewel thief who has spent most of his life in the system and pulling off big heists, and gets into one last big score before he's done for good. It was really intense to watch, and I was fascinated by Caan's performance, in how he had this New Yorker street smart hustler attitude with a nervous energy in his physicality, frequently shifting a lot when trying to act relaxed. Caan brought a lot of vulnerability to this role as a man who grew up state-raised, in prison for eleven years, and was romanticizing the ideal family life for himself while still getting pulled back into his criminal life.

I loved the 80's dirty city noir vibe that Mann brought, as well as the Tangerine Dream synth soundtrack that complemented the images. It was just a really personal and fascinating film to watch.

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