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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thoughts on The Metrograph

I am late to "discovering" it, but I have been reading about The Metrograph arthouse movie theater, and it sounds really great, playing a lot of repertory screenings of quality independent, Hollywood, and foreign films, having big-name film artists like Martin Scorcese and Isabelle Huppert visit, and publishing essays by cinephiles (I really enjoyed one by a guy talking about the cherished tiny movie theater he visited in his 1980s New Jersey childhood). It seems like a new, yet special theater in NYC, a film lover's dream.

I don't go to arthouse theaters as often anymore due to high ticket prices and not liking the film snob environment, and Netflix having a seemingly endless amount of indie films. Of my years in NYC, my fave theater was the Two Boots Pioneer Theatre, a long-defunct theater in the East Village that played cult and underground films, as well as offbeat indie films (not the prestige, Sundance kind, more the oddball niche ones). I go to the Moving Image museum sometimes, I occasionally go to the BAM Rose Cinema, I used to go to the IFC Center a lot when I lived in Manhattan ten years ago, and I liked the vibe of Nitehawk Cinema (mainly the pre-movie video montages of things that influenced the feature film's style), but not the in-theater food service or the last 15 minutes interrupted by wait staff collecting tabs.

So I likely will check out the Metrograph soon

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