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Thursday, November 3, 2016

Thoughts on Hell or High Water

I really enjoyed Hell or High Water, I thought it was great. I found it compelling, I liked the slow mood of the Western, I was really into following both of the robber brothers and the cops, and I really enjoyed the side characters, like the waitresses, (especially one in a diner that only serves steak, the character was a craggy but hilarious old woman played by a brilliant actress), the old men diner patrons, the bank employees, etc. I had little hiccups of laughter every and then.

While I didn't think Chris Pine and Ben Foster looked like brothers (nor did I believe Pine as a guy who grew up dirt-poor, as he looked too pretty and well-off to me, whereas Foster definitely looked country poor and a little more rough around the edges), they had a great bond with each other, and complemented each other well, as one smart and quiet brother and the other an impulsive and fearless brother. And while I think Jeff Bridges can do this cowboy/sheriff role in his sleep, he was still pleasant and comforting to watch, and I liked his banter with his Comanche/Mexican partner, where the off-color jokes never really sounded too offensive, more light teasing and done out of love. His partner had a chill vibe to him that I liked, and a low-key sense of humor.

The film looked gorgeous, with huge panoramic shots of deserts and small Texan towns, and I liked that the film was a modern-day Western, with a classic stories of robbers and cops set amidst economically depressed towns and people struggling to get by. I was really into the story, and am glad I saw it.


  1. I'm looking forward to catching Hell or High Water on DVD later this month. From your review it sounds right up my street!

  2. It was really great, and it may be on DVD soon!

    1. I finally caught Hell or High Water on DVD and it was great. Every bit as good as you said.