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Saturday, May 14, 2016

Thoughts on Captain America: Civil War

I enjoyed seeing Captain America: Civil War yesterday, directed by the Russo Brothers.. It was well-written, and I liked how it was mostly dialogue-driven, with the major action fight sequence having a point to it. I was on Captain America's side in their debate, but could see Iron Man's point as well. It was a little overwhelming sometimes with so many characters, but the script and editing managed to keep them in order and not confusing.

I really liked the addition of Black Panther, I appreciated how they set up his character as a dignified and intelligent royal who could switch into being a badass and agile superhero, and his animal character was linked to his culture and family. Chadwick Boseman was awesome in this, and I am excited for his 2018 movie.

I liked how Spider-Man seemed way younger than previous portrayals, which only made him seem like an innocent kid. Sometimes his quips bordered on annoying during the fight, but he was often kept in check by the other characters to stay in his lane and shut up. Also, I was happy to see Marisa Tomei in a cameo as Aunt May, she is always a joy to see.

I didn't like how chopped-up the first two action sequences were, with the jump cuts and sped-up editing. It was annoying to watch, and distracted from the good fight choreography that was on display (especially when watching the stunt double for Black Widow, I was really impressed with her moves and agility). It got better once the civil war started, but it was tough to watch in the beginning.

Of the three CA movies, Winter Soldier is my favorite, because it had a great script, better character writing for Black Widow, a 70's spy thriller vibe, and solid acting, action sequences, and storyline. I did enjoy Civil War for its complexity, the character development, and continuing on a story with deception and intrigue.

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