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Saturday, February 6, 2016

Thoughts on The Last Five Years

I watched The Last Five Years yesterday. The story itself isn't too interesting (a romantic relationship falls apart, and the story is told out of chronological order with the leads singing solos about their relationship), but it was an adventurous step for a movie adapted from a stage musical.

Anna Kendrick is cute and charming, and has a high, melodic mezzo-soprano voice that is lovely to hear. I also liked seeing her performance in playing someone going through heartbreak, career disappointments, and trying to stay supportive as her man succeeds in life. Jeremy Jordan was affable, but I hated it whenever he sang loudly, it just hit my ears hard, like he was yelling. His acting performance was decent, his singing just got irritating to me because it sounded turned up to 11 frequently.

I initially had turned it off because the movie is pretty much all singing, and I am not into musicals. I gave it another chance, and the charm grew on me, but it can still feel like a lot to hear a lot singing with little speaking time in between.

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