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Friday, January 29, 2016

Thoughts on Rob the Mob

I just watched a movie on Netflix called Rob the Mob, and I liked it a lot. It is based on a real story about a young couple from Queens who robbed mobsters' social clubs in 1992, knowing they didn't have guns to protect themselves. Michael Pitt and Nina Arianda were really likable and charming as the dopey and idiotic couple who robbed mobsters for cash and for personal revenge (the guy's dad had been intimidated by the mob for years and they extorted money from his store) a...nd barely got by on minimum-wage jobs in Ozone Park, Queens, living in the same neighborhood as the mobsters.

A John Gotti trial is the backdrop for the story, and heavily influences the mob's reactions and the FBI involvement. There was a really talented cast of character actors who played the mobsters: Michael Rispoli, Andy Garcia, Burt Young, and Yul Vasquez, grounding the film in its 1992 New York setting, and I was also impressed by Ray Romano as a news reporter who has been covering the mob for 30 years and resents them.

I definitely recommend the movie if you like mob comedies or stuff with a mainly character actor cast.

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