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Friday, September 25, 2015

Rubble Kings - A Film Review

Rubble Kings is a 2015 documentary by Shan Nicholson, and narrated by John Leguizamo. It is a really good documentary, and goes into a lot of interesting history of the racial politics and socio-economic backgrounds that led to gangs starting in the 1970s Bronx. Between the government neglecting neighborhoods and allowing people to starve in poverty without utilities or educational resources, corrupt landlords kicking people out and burning buildings for insurance money, and the government allowing heroin to come into the ghetto and destroy black and brown communities, it was a rough place to survive in.

I really liked how badass and peace-loving The Ghetto Brothers were, as a Puerto Rican gang devoted to social activism and improving their community, and how they had an awareness of the futility of the gangs fighting each other instead of against their government oppressors, and refusing to enact a "gang war" so the media can call them savages and killers. The gangs eventually settled peace with one another, coming together to form collectives that focused on social activism, and developing hip-hop as a positive and creative force, showing the world that they wouldn't be killed or marginalized, and can create art out of their poor and rough surroundings, that they would not die.

It is a really powerful story, and so great to see stories of gangs eventually trying to be peaceful and work together, instead of fighting over turfs and colors and being abused by the system overlords who want them to fight and kill each other. I highly recommend this documentary, it can be found streaming on Netflix.


  1. Thank you for the positive feedback...TOPAZ from the film

  2. You're welcome! I really enjoyed the film, and you and your crew were really great social activists and worked hard to improve your communities. Thank you for being a part of this film and movement.