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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Until the End of the World and The Unbelievable Truth - Film Reviews

This past weekend, I enjoyed seeing two movie screenings for free.
One was a press screening of the Director's Cut of Wim Wenders' Until the End of the World, his 1991 sci-fi road trip epic. The theatrical version was nearly three hours long, but Wenders didn't like that version, calling it the "Reader's Digest" version. So in 1994, he released his five-hour version, with more extended scenes, more background on the characters, more comedic moments, etc. even with an intermission, it was long as hell to watch, but excellent. It was like a miniseries edited as one long movie. I could see why some parts were cut out (scenes that do not have to with the major plot, exposition scenes, silly comic scenes), but I still loved it, and think it is an amazing movie. Plus, the soundtrack is spectacular. smile emoticon
The other movie I saw was at BAM, from 1989, called The Unbelievable Truth, starring Adrienne Shelly and Robert John Burke, and directed by Hal Hartley. It is about a morbid teen girl and an ex-con who find kinship with each other in a close-knit working class Long Island town. I really liked it, and it was a lot funnier than I expected. It was a cool movie, with really good performances, and I was happy to see a really good indie movie from much maligned Long Island.

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