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Thursday, August 20, 2015

Short Thoughts on Magic Mike: XXL

Magic Mike: XXL was a lot of fun to watch. It cut out the melodrama from the first movie, got rid of Matthew McConaughey's creepy self, and put the focus on a group of friends taking a road trip to dance at a stripper convention, with awesome dance sequences along the way. Jada Pinkett Smith was really good as the emcee friend of Mike's, and I was happy to see more talented dancers added in, like Twitch and NYC voguers. And a woman choreographed the dances, which I was surprised but happy to see.
I could have done without the stripper dances by Kevin Nash and Michael Strahan, those were just creepy to watch. But everything else was good, and Joe Manganiello was surprisingly really funny in this. Tatum's dance scene early on was like a Flashdance/Footloose homage with a reprise of "Pony," it was awesome. I was happy to see a fun dance movie that cut unnecessary crap out of the way and reveled in itself.

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