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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Mercenaries - A Film Review

I watched Mercenaries, this Asylum ripoff of The Expendables with female action stars. Zoe Bell, Kristanna Loken, Vivica A. Fox, and Nicole Bilderback played convicts hired by a government boss (Cynthia Rothrock) to be a team to save the President's daughter from the villain (Brigitte Nielsen), who wanted ransom money to get and sell weapons. It was cheap, with bad dialogue, wooden acting, and had choppy fight scenes, but was fun to watch as an action B-movie. Zoe Bell still stood out as the hero and can carry a movie, while Loken is just pretty but blank, Bilderback was just okay (too many Asian jokes in the script), and Vivica A. Fox looks rough and out of shape. Rothrock only appears in the beginning and end, and Nielsen just hammed it up. So it was fine to watch, just a cheap Expendables knockoff.

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