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Sunday, November 16, 2014

Blink - A Film Review

I re-watched Blink, this mystery thriller from 1994 that I really liked. It has a noir vibe with an interesting heroine. The film stars Madeleine Stowe as a blind woman who is a violinist in an Irish band in Chicago. She gets new eyes via a donor, and as her eyes are adjusting to her new sight and the world, in her blurriness she has visions of a serial killer who is striking, but nobody else sees him. Aidan Quinn is the cop who is skeptical at first, writing her off as a drunk lonely woman who can't see anything clearly, but helps her and falls in love with her. The story was very interesting, and I liked the dry humor and cynicism that Stowe brought to her character, it made her seem more real and less like a victim of her circumstance. I enjoyed the Chicago setting and seeing Aidan Quinn and Laurie Metcalf in the movie, because I don't see many movies set in Chicago, it's often New York City or L.A. I do find the movie suspenseful, but really enjoyed the setting, the acting, and the humorous moments as well. It's just an interesting B-level noir thriller that I recommend.

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